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Click here to watch Kiranmala on hotstar -!/kiranmala-1...To download the hotstar App on you Android/iOS Device, Click here – In episode 140 of Kiranmala, aired on 13th January 2015, Burima`s plan to save King VijayRupmati requests Khuliraj to save Kiranmala`s life. She is teary-eyed to see Kiranmala`s condition. Rajmata shares her feelings with Burima while Burima plans to escape from the prison. King Chandravarma lies about King Vijay`s illness. Will Burima and King Vijay escape? To know more, keep watching Kiranmala...‘KIRANMALA’ is the story of a Warrior Princess, who is out to reclaim the honor of her family… a fascinating tale of righteousness and bravery, the triumph of good over evil… presented in an epic format which crosses the boundaries of time, age and space.