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In episode 108 of Bojhena Se Bojhena, aired on 8th March 2014, Arko argues with Pammi for insulting PiuPakhi calls Sharad, and asks him not to worry about her. Krishnendu vents his frustration on learning that Pakhi is with Aranya. However, Sharad asks him not to bother about Pakhi. Meanwhile, the owners of the dhaba insist Pakhi to narrate the story of her wedding. Pakhi blabbers that she had emptied the fuel tank of Aranya`s car. Aranya rebukes her for the same. Arko argues with Pammi for insulting Piu. Aranya decides to head towards Bolpur, and asks Pakhi to return to Kolkata, on her own. Will Aranya leave Pakhi alone in the dhaba? To know more, keep watching Bojhena Se Bojhena...Bojhena Se Bojhena is the story of Pakhi and Aranya. Pakhi is a lively, self-dependent, talkative and strong willed girl, traditionally rooted but progressive in her thinking. She has a unique approach to life and believes in the institution of marriage and relationships. She is an orphan who grew up with her Mashi and Mesho in Maldah. Pakhi shares a special bonding with her cousin sister Piu. Aranya on the other hand is a young business tycoon who runs a chain of hotels. He never fully recovered from his wounded childhood when he and his sister were unceremoniously thrown out of their ancestral home in Maldah after their mother committed suicide.